Q: Are your promotions, sweeps and contests legal?

A: Yes. We have done hundreds of promotions in over 11 years since our launch in 2006. We retain one of the most prestigious, respected and largest law firms in the world with a dedicated practice in promotions, sweepstakes and contest law.   

Q: What are your minimums?

A: Typically, for an in-store promotion we focus on 50,000 pieces and above, so most chains or groups can achieve that with one month's customer counts collectively.

Q: What services do you provide that we can't get elsewhere or handle ourselves?

A: We provide everything needed to run profitable, successful, legal promotions/sweeps/contests, including graphic designs, HIGH SECURITY printing, legal, prize fulfillment, state registrations, bonding, corollary promotional materials (table tents, counter/register signage, window decals, buttons, collection boxes...), and shipping to each location. Our turnkey services are orchestrated to avoid the common pitfalls encountered with DIY or general agency initiatives, but our single biggest value add is in our consultation services for prize selection.

Q: Can we use your services if we have a strict policy against "discounting"?

A: Absolutely. While we encourage generous giveaways as expressed in food prizes (BOGO's, free with purchase tie-ins, percentage off deals, etcetera), many of our programs can be run as stand alone offerings with a single Grand Prize which no customer could possibly confuse with menu price reductions. We also restrict the usage of our programs so they don't run too frequently in a calendar year, avoiding any overlap which could be perceived as merely a discount.

Q: How will we know if our programs were successful?

A: We can do analysis based on the data your programs generate, comparing it to goals, outputs (costs) and give you the results tabulated against expectations, highlighting successes and areas of opportunity to improve. Our analyses, which includes comparisons to our hundreds of previous promotions, yield insights (the why), not merely observations (the what) of the results from your promotion, sweepstake or contest.

Q: What programs do you offer besides instant-win Scratch-Offs?

A: Collect to Win programs, Text to Win, Online Sweepstakes and Branded Customized Games, No-Peek game pieces (must return to have card scratched in front of staff), B2B and B2C targeted or saturated Direct Mail, push or pull strategies utilizing email, texting or App generated incentives and offers.

Q: Do you have results and case studies to show your programs are effective?

A: Yes, we have results showing redemption rates ranging from 10 to 42%, with sales increases in double digits during the promotional period alone and a legacy lift as well. Let us show you how to achieve ROI ranging from 300 to 3,200% which accounts for the cost of your prizes!
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