Using Four Walls distribution strategies based on the fact that most studies prove it is roughly 8 to 13 times harder and that much more expensive to attract a new customer than to increase frequency and loyalty from an existing one, we have a host of programs where instant win scratch off game cards deployed as a bounce back marketing play are handed to every customer (not just the ones paying, but all those eating and drinking what you serve) after ordering/purchase. Every card is a winner of something, and we typically see optimal results with four weeks of distribution, with an additional four weeks of prize redemption. Optimal results usually occur with a prize mix of between 4-6 prizes, with varying percentages of prizes at each level in the prize hierarchy. As with all our promotions, the selection of the right prizes in the right mix (percentage outcomes) is paramount to running a very successful campaign. We utilize data from over hundreds of successful promotions to help guide our clients in the prize selection process.


Online promotions can be stand alone or used as an overlay to a rigorous in-store or direct mail campaign. Adding a sweepstakes overlay with an exciting high value Grand Prize (with or without other premium prizes), encourages customers to go online to surrender contact information used to notify winners, which in turn builds your marketing database. Utilizing "share with friends" features and social media components, these utilities spread the word and encourage (with incentives) your customers to become brand ambassadors, spreading your marketing messages and delivering new customers from those they interact with and influence.


All of our promotional campaigns can be run solely as or facilitated with mobile.  

We can also run "Text to Win" campaigns where different desired actions deliver different codes or "words" to be texted throughout the campaigns to encourage weekly or even daily participation in order to increase the odds of winning. As with Online promotions, contests and sweepstakes, our Mobile platforms can incorporate whatever customer data capture our clients need to optimize their campaigns and deploy on other initiatives, while remaining legally compliant.


Robust Promotions LLC offers both B2B and B2C direct mail campaigns to run either independently or in conjunction with our in-store promotions and sweepstakes. We provide the list, creative, mail services, and everything else (including legal, as always) to make these marketing endeavors turnkey, seamless and extremely profitable. Getting high response rates (sales) is our job; getting semi-loyal, lapsed and never-been customers to ring the registers is our job. The lifetime value of new customers alone make these campaigns a favored, trusted tool in our suite of offerings.
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