Paul Mangiamele
CFE Chairman and CEO
Legendary Restaurant Brands, LLC

"Robust Promotions is, without a doubt, the most personable, professional and fun to work with company in direct mail/advertising or marketing. They take a special and personal interest in their clients and it always extends beyond the “sale”. Their product is second to none and the results not only exceeded our expectations but for our franchisees as well. If anyone is looking for true “partners”, Robust Promotions should be on your speed dial!"

Larry Weissman
Strategic Franchise Services

"I’ve known Leslie for several years. Leslie and her team at Robust provides a great product. I used it at Cousins Subs and I would use it again.Robust Promotions consistently delivers on time and on budget. They are very concerned about results and provides excellent analysis (plus, they’re a lot of fun to work with). I would hire them again without question."

Tom Liutkus
SVP, Marketing and PR
Travel Centers of America, LLC

"Robust Promotions has contructed and managed our driver award nomination process. They handled the rules, legal issues, logistical details and more to create one of the most successful public relations programs our company and I have been associated with. They have been fabulous with working behind the scenes contacting nominees, validating information and creating support marketing pieces for this project. The honorees with last year’s program all recognized Leslie for her work and all the help she provided them. A terrific supplier with a can do attitude no matter what the issue."

Charles Bruce
President and CEO
Peter Piper Pizza

“We’ve had great success using the scratch and win cards from Robust Promotions over the last three years. We’ve seen an increase in customer traffic with the Instant Win promotion and plan to continue using it in the future. In addition, Robust Promotions is wonderful to work with and go the extra mile to give us the level of service we need to ensure we’re successful using their program.”

Noah Glass
Founder and CEO

“Robust Promotions is amazing. I always enjoy catching up with Leslie and Greg and learning about the new ways that they are helping restaurant and retail brands to engage with their customers and win new ones. Robust is one of the great visionaries of consumer marketing and I highly endorse their innovative work.”

Tom Feltenstein
Marketing Visionary, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author

“Greg and Leslie have unearthed a promotional strategy that is very effective in building frequency inside of retail stores. Because of all the legal ramifications, they have engaged one of the top law firms in the United States, which also handles the McDonald’s Monopoly game. That ensures 100 percent compliance, so the client never has to worry about that issue.
From an execution standpoint, it doesn’t incur all the heavy media costs that are usually related to building top-line sales and profitability. It has a lot of elasticity in terms of developing incentive programs for staff members that can be rewarded through a scratch-and-win process.”
They’re capitalizing on the popularity of lotteries and what the publishers clearing house did. People love the element of surprise. And through case studies, they have seen significant increases in sales, and frequency of visits.
What Greg and Leslie do is simplify the process and not try to be all things to all people. The thing I love about them is their authenticity. They’re fun to do business with and they have a servant mentality: they get the job done. When they make a promise, they deliver on it."
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